Sunday, May 13, 2012

Transformation year started this month

In the Name of ALLAH

Alhamdulilah I praise to ALLAH SWT our creator give us a good health and mind and time also bless us with all HIS blesses that we still in this life and we got what we want.

Today i am writing after stop more than one yer didn't update my blog, I am writing  these words to start my new life  after Alhadulilah that ALLAH SWT help, guide and assist me to achieve what i plan to get although i late three months from the main plan, but still i must be very great full and thankful to ALLAH to reach this level.

 Before 10 months i plan to finish my Master degree in Information technology Management and Alhamdulilah last month on April 2012i completed, also i plan to settle a job or business also Alhamdulilah on MAy2012 i start my first job directly after finish the Master direct without any late.

These things make me to stop for a while with my self and look back to what i did and what i have to do, what are the mistakes i did during my plan, what are the lessons i learned, also to plan to a new plan for my new work life, new place, new environment, new people .

For the first week for my work lace Alhamdulilah i met a friendly people, manage to create some friendship, again i praise to ALLAH that still helping me and ask ALLAH to guide and help me always.

I can consider this year 2012 for me is TRANSFORMATION month for my whole life, i have to take a lot of decisions, not a just simple decision but a very brave decision that might effect might present and future life, a decisions also might change whole my life and also maybe my status .These decisions are in feild of  personal life, social, financial,education.

This is my first writing in this transformation year, hopefully i can continue and keep writing and updating, because all these decisions need a lot of writing , so since i was not a good writer even not in beginning level , hope i can keep continue writing, hope and need your support and comment and correct me.

May ALLAH guide,bless, assist and protect us always