Saturday, October 16, 2010

MAKUM 2010

Last week i joined to Tilawah Al-Quran Competition [Majlis Perijian Tilawah Al-Quran MAKUM 2010] in UTM there were more than 10 other universities joined , there were different participant  they recite the Quran with very very nice voices , the competition was two days ,Alhamdulilah i won the prize for the international categories .

I was very happy to get the opportunity to join to this competition and also represent UTM for the International  and also won the only prize for the Tilawah for UTM.. Alhamdulilah

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The bridges

As we know all the bridge is a tool that we use it to move from place in one side to other side, so this tool

we used (we= human), but what will happen if the human become a bridge and use by other human like him.

This is what some people doing and they call their self a friend but in the reality they are just want to use the

holy word( Friendship) to reach or to get what they need, its OK if those people ask their friends for a help to get

what they want that will be great, but when they use others without knowing that they are using this is the top

of the selfish in my opinion, then after they get what they want in easy way they just ignore and avoid to see

that person that they were calling (friend) one day.

But at the end those selfish maybe they will get what they want ,but they hurt others when they use them as

bridge and for sure they lose that person...