Sunday, September 26, 2010

Malaysia ...

Tonight was my first time to present and recite a poem infront of the people in public,and also was the first time to  read some thing written by  Malay Language,Although i am speaking  every day  three language and non one of them Malay, but Alhamdulilah
I amange to practice in short time  just few hours for the pronoun cation and the tone..
From here i would like to thank my sister Nur Anis for helping me so much  to  get  and reach  what i get it this night, for her nice words and writing and teach me how to pronounce ...
Thank you

Ciptaan Tuhan tiada tandingan
Dengan kalimah cinta kepada Tuhan
Dengan nama ALLAH
Aku persembahkan
Kepada kalian
Sebuah puisi  daripada teman Cik Nur Anis BTE Nordin
Yang Bertajuk,Malaysia.

Ya Allah,
aku bersyukur kepadaMu
Meletak’kan aku
Di salah satu syurgaMu iaitu
Sebelum diriku ini
Melangkah ke syurgaMu
Di akhirat sana

Tidak berkedip mataku memandang’mu
Sa’at pertama kali kita  bertemu
Ketika itu aku  jatuh hati padamu
Betapa indahnya bumiMu, Tuhanku

Tanpa kusedari
Aku mencinta’imu
Aku ingin tetap bersamamu
Dan Aku berharap engkau sudi menerimaku

Bertuahnya rakyatmu
Begitu juga aku
Yang berpeluang mengenalimu

Kau, Ibarat tanah airku
Ibarat saudaraku
Menyayangimu itu perlu
Tanpamu,aku sayu
Jodohku  bersamamu
Adalah nikmat bagiku

Sungguh aku tidak menyangka
Hatiku akan jatuh cinta
Kerana keindahannya
Keharmonian bangsanya
Cukup membuatkan aku bahagia Hidup dibuminya


Monday, September 20, 2010

Don't trust them..

I know after some people they read these words they will say allot of things and will not agree, but its ok

every person got the freedom to present his opinion and idea.

I was hearing for long time from different people come from different countries saying don't ever tell your

secret to woman and don't ever trust woman, then on that time i was telling my self maybe those people got

problem with the female or this is special case that they cannot communicate with the other gender,so i use to

always argue them and try to prove to them that we can trust them and they can keep secret.

But since last few months i use to work deal  with female since i am student and leading some activities, and

we work together, so my way is when we have a group and having some thing to do know each other to

create a harmony environment and the work can done and succeed , but i got some bad experience with

the female specially keeping secret and trust, but i tried to ignore  and keep telling my self ,maybe you didn't

choose the right person or there is misunderstanding , but the problem the issue come happen again and again

So i start asking my self  that what was the old people  telling me for long time ago was true or this time also

another one of my wrong chooses and another misunderstanding, i don't know what to do because also

i don't want to believe what was the people saying that the woman can't keep secret or trust...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Step ...

Today 19/09/2010 was a memorable day after saw my face in the news paper in Malaysia, The event was after

i get invitation from the Minister of the Higher Education Dato' Seri Hj.Khalid  Nordin in his open house program

and i went there with some International and local friends and have a delicious meal, and we mate our Great

VC UTM there , then at the end was the memorable moment when we take this photo with the Minister ..

Hope to be a good start  and help me for getting my goal..

What is after Ramadhan..

Today i back to write  and hope insyALLAH to don't stop.

 Before one week we start celebrating to Eidifitri and  saying goodbye to Ramadhan, but the question is


relation with  ALLAH did we become more close to ALLAH and how is our worships last these days after

Ramadhan, how is our prayers are we praying on  time in the Masjid are we still praying at night as was we

pray during  Ramadhan, how is our relation with the Holy Quran, do we still reading as much we read in

everyday in Ramadhan or we stop reading at all or less than Rmadhan..

I just write these words to remind my self and remind who ever read to keep doing all the worships that we did

in Ramadhan , because we believe in one GOD "ALLAH" and he the GOD  for all the months and days...