Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alafasy -agheebo - العفاسى - أغيب بالإنجليزية

How can he do it?

Aslamualaikum wrm wbkt

Tonight after we pray solat tarawih i saw an old man pray with us, but he was not just old man he was also half parallel , he was caring his hand  and also his leg can't move normally, then i said: "SubhannALLAH" how come this old man come from his house and was fasting whole the day then come to pray solat isyak with us  jama'ah , and also solat tarawih around one hour pray 11 raka'ah and hear the tazkirah after the solat, then i ask my self why we are younger than him and in good health and stronger than him then we feel tired or feel lazy .
This is really some thing important point we must thing, we must sit and think and make "Muhassabah" to our self, we are in Ramadhan the holy month the only month that all the devils"syaytan" put in chain and all the people are performing worships and still feeling laziness to do our worships and "Ibadah" as ALLAH SWT ask us to do it, to get the offers that ALLAH SWT give us in this month and take this opportunity   that we are still young ,good health and condition , because we don't know that we will get until the end of this month or reach the next year to get next Ramadhan.
This is to remind my self and all of you brothers and sisters to take the opportunity of every moment in this month by doing different types of worship and Ibaddah , to make this month for ALLAH .

May ALLAH SWT accept our fasting and prayers and all our worships..Amiin

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan change my Life(1)

Aslamualikum wbt

Today we want to discuss about one of the important things and issues must change in this 

Ramadhan, its our Solat or prayers. Allah SWT ask as to pray everyday five times, did we ask our 

self why we pray this five times? yes  because ALLAH SWT ask as to do this and the praying five  

times is one of the fivepillarsto be aMuslim, but there is one of the reason some of us we don't  

know why we pray this five times in thisdifferenttimes. In my opinion and as  i read , ALLAH SWT  

make the timing of the prayer its like stations in our day.

Let me explain more what this word "stations"mean ,when we start our day praying solat alsubuh 

on this early  morning ,because in this time it is the best time that we get fresh air that our body  

need it,in solat subuh we wake  up before that time then when we start ourday with praying subuh 

with jama'ah ,lets start with before solat subuh,we wake up and take your wudhu and go out to the 

Masjid doing all these things you will get how much Ajar  and reward from ALLAH,then pray 

sunnah before subuh and this sunnah the reward we get from ALLAH , then we  pray subuh in 

jama'ah with our brothers also what the reward we get from ALLAH..

So the meaning of the station for these prayers because the last example that we get allot of ajar 

and reward from ALLAH our Iman increase, then we start our day and our Iman is full and we can 

face all the problems and  the difficultof the life, but you can see if we didn't pray subuh in jama'ah  

what we will lose and miss, then how can  we face all the difficults on that day, the ALLAH SWT  

make another station is solat Zuhur then solat asr....etc.. So I  hope we get now what the meaning of 

the station, ALLAH SWT give us this opportunityevery day and we don't care , for solat subuh 

sleep until the class or work time then zuhur busy withlunchand so on..

So Brothers and sisters let is make this Ramdhan start point to change and back to the right way , 

to have a plan to pray on time and with jama'ah, let us make a daily schedule for the solat to control 

our self and see how can we change..

may ALLAH SWT accept our worships ,prayers,fasting and tilwah alquran....Amiin

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan change my Life

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This is my first time to write in a blog....

Aslamualaikum WrahmatuALLAH Wabarakatu

Ramadhan Kareem, May ALLAH SWT give us the bless of this month and his mercy...

Brothers and sisters..

Tonight is first night of Ramadhan in this year 1431 -2010,So first of all we must be all thankfull to ALLAH and praise to him that he give us the time to reach this holy month and we are all in good condition and health.

Second did we know what is Ramadhan mean, are we ready for Ramadhan , or just Ramadhan become like a culture for us , fasting every day from the morning until evening .So let us think again and again how we are performing our worship and our fasting.

Let's talk a moment about the fasting in this month, why?did we ask our self this question, did ALLAH SWT want to make us suffering, or want to saw us hungry, the answer is no, but ALLAH SWT want to us to remember our Muslim brotherhood who don't have any thing to eat all the year, when we feel that the result will be give the charity .

Third, while we fasting we must now that ALLAH SWT make us to fast about the HALAL things such as the food to punish us or something like this and the same time to don't care about our eyes what we are seeing and our ears what we are hearing it and our tongue what we are saying, Thus I remind my self and all of you brothers and sisters to protect the blesses that ALLAH give us and use these blesses for the things that ALLAH allowed and stop at least in this month, stopping all the bad things and sins that we use to do it , because it is shame that we fast about the HALAL and do the HARAM..

Fourth is to practice the good morals and change our behavior to the good during this month, to have a plan to stop all the bad habits such as smoking ,wasting times in the malls and window shopping..

The End we must make a plan and write down how can we get the forgiveness from ALLAH SWT in this month because the Prophet Mohamed (PBH) said the loser is the person who reached Ramadhan and didn't get the forgiveness from ALLAH..

Lets renew our intention to open a new page with ALLAH, and back again to the right way..

Lets make our main aim and them in this month "RAMADHAN CHANGE MY LIFE "

May ALLAH SWT forgive us and give us the blesses and the mercy of this month.. Amiin