Monday, December 6, 2010

Lets have a moment to evaluate our self...

We are now in the last hours in this year 1431H, so lets have a moment that we evaluate and Judge our self..
What we did since last year, what are the good and bad things, how is our relation with ALLAH as muslim, our Realtion with our parents and family and relative..
How is our prayer  are we improved to be better praying on time and Jama'h in Masjid for the male, are we still reciting the Holy Quran or we just stoped it after Ramadhan...How and How..
We are goo and perfect to evaluate and judge the others and our self interm of this World issues"Dunya" and forget the day that we will meet ALLAH and will judge us..So lets Judge our self before that day..Lets have a good intention to change for better ..
Lets is bring a peice of paper and pen and write down all the bad  things that we need to change it and the good things that we want to improve it..
All of us have bad side and good side, and nobody know about our self more than ourself , so let is be honest with our self to change for better for every thing, not just only to improve our academic  or our sallary we are good for that and we always keep thinking how to improve our selves , but as a Muslim we must always that what we did for Islam, what is the meaning of the Hijrah, what the first muslim did for Islam to get this religion as we get, they sacrifice their self and family and money in the way to ALLAH, are we paying even a litle bit charity"Sadaqah" to the poor and the orphen , are we  doing our responsiblity as a Muslim to spread the islam even if we are not good enough to teach the person who don't know what we know, to share with our brothers and sisters the new knowledge we get, because if we care about them realy we do this  we protect them to go to Hellfire, we a;ways think how to protect our belovers from the badd things, and this is the main  danger we must protect them..
I wish to you all my brothers and sisters to have a happy and success life in this coming year 1432H, may ALLAH SWT make us more strong and good health in good condition and improve and increase our Iman"Faith" to ALLAH and improve our worship"Ibadat" , may ALLAH give us HIS bless and mercy in this life, may ALLAH guide us to the right path and do all the ALLAH permit us to do and stop doing all the porhibt things"Haram".. may ALLAH help and assist us in our study, work and alwyas make the success in our side... may ALLAH make the Islamic Ummah be in a good condtion and get the victory in the Moral,Education,Economic and politic..